Smack dab in the middle of Vermont spread out along the banks of the Mad River, which meanders through the Green Mountain Range, are four rural quintessential New England villages, the community of Warren, Waitsfield, Fayston, and Moretown. A region filled to the brim with natural beauty, strong neighborly values and a common desire for a good life. Referred to as the Mad River Valley, the place we call home and many who visit, would like to. Come on by, get to know us and spend a little (or a lot) time in a special place. You'll like it here.

I arrived in the valley with my 4 year old daughter in hand and a fun loving boyfriend by my side. We'd stopped to visit a friend on our way to setting down roots in Stowe. We got a little comfortable.  Three children, four grandchildren and armfuls of friends later (30+ years later), we're still comfortable.

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Deb Hall

We’ll never be Vermonters, of course, any more than a chicken can be a goose. But just to end our days here, surrounded by Vermonters: conservative, yet a little wacky; serious, but with humor dry as a cork leg; and dedicated to perfect woodpiles, is more than anyone could deserve. ~ Willem Lange