Let's Play
Many of us here in the valley are pretty good at this.  We practice a lot (a few even work at it), not technique so much, essentially the fun factor. So what do we play?

During winter we love to ski. Backcountry is our favor, out the backdoor and up into the hills, it's quiet, peaceful, and simply exhilarating. With the onset of spring, summer and fall, out come the road and mountain bikes, trail running/hiking shoes, swim suits, canoe, fishing poles and occasionally the bocce set.

Two very celebrated alpine ski resorts flank the western slopes of our mountains, Mad River Glen and Sugarbush Resort. Cross country ski touring centers can be found in upper East Warren, Blueberry Lake and Ole's. For those backcountry enthusiasts that are new to the valley and unfamiliar with our forest trails, explore these sites for access to some pretty areas; the Catamount Trail section 18 and our family friendly Mad River Path. Both of these areas are enjoyable for snowshoeing as well. The Mad River Valley Chamber offers a calendar of events chock full of various activities and events scheduled throughout the year.

Sleigh Rides
Ice Skating
I'll be back, promise.

Please, give me a shout if there is something you would like me to add to this page.