Monday, July 25, 2011

Old Mother Hubbard

Went to the cupboard...

Granted my cupboards may not be bare; however, I am out of milk, eggs and butter and it's Monday. Tuesdays are restocking day at the local grocery stores and though they have milk, eggs and butter on the shelves today I'm little bit of a fresh food snob this time of year.

I've an idea; I noticed on facebook Simplicity Farm (also known as the Turner Family Farm) is open during milking time (6-8, am or pm). I will need my own containers and to give a holler in the milking shed to let someone know we are there. Their fb page also mentions they have laying hens; hopefully I can pick up a dozen eggs while I'm there. It's almost 6:00; I'll let you know how it goes.

We find the cows busy at work. Doug and Joe Tuner (father and son) welcome us with a tour of the barn and fill our order of organic milk and eggs to go. Out of 89 registered Holsteins on the farm we were honored to have met the youngest of the herd, 3-day-old little Lipstick-Red, she's adorable.

I'm happy to see you, too.

Yes, all of you.

Almost there.

Fill em up please, Joe

Looks like we are having pancakes (with fresh blueberries) for breakfast, YEA! 
Joe mentioned the cream would rise to the top of the milk overnight; maybe I can cross butter off my list, too.

Visit one of the many family owned farms in the valley, it feels good knowing where your food comes from. The Mad River Valley Localvore Project is an excellent resource for local food products grown and produced right here in our community. 

Eat fresh, eat local, eat well.


Joe was right.

Who needs pancakes.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Hot Hot Hot

Remember that picture I stuffed in my pocket, saving it for a dog day in August? I'm pulling it out early; you may need this today... I know I will.

My cucumbers couldn't be happier in this heat. I can't wait to brew up a refreshing glass of Lisa Barnes' (from Fiddlehead Cuisine) Cucumber Basil Water. Now, if the tomatoes would just catch up.

Stay cool!

Sunday, July 17, 2011


Route 100 South.

If I was a moose you might find me here.

And if I was a beaver you might find me here.

Or if I was a brook trout you might find me here.

If I was happier than a pig in .... you might find me here.

And if I was a ghost you might find me here.

If I was wanting a cup of coffee half way through my ride you might find me here.

That's better, finish up it's time to pedal home.

If I was riding with my best friend you most likely would find me here.

And if it was later in the day and they were open you would surely find us here.

But it's not and we're still pedaling with so much more to see.

If I was a clapboard or a wooden bowl you might find me here.

And if I was a bale of hay you might find me here.

Or if I was a butterfly you might find me here.

If it's a beautiful summer sunny day and we're all sweaty and hot from pedaling down route 100 and back, you might find us here.

But you won't cause we'll be here.

Happy sunny summer Sunday!

Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Late, I'm late...

Didn't mean to keep you waiting, I've been off in the woods on a hunt. Rugged is the mighty wild shroom hunter battling black flies, mosquitos, pesky deer flies and those sneaky slimy slugs (eeew), how brave. Not too worse for wear and just a little sweaty and dirty (ha!) we emerge from the forest with baskets full (how come my best friend's is always more full than mine?) of chanterelles.

Now what? 

Marinate them and serve with toasted slices (crostini) of a Red Hen seeded baguette (use a little olive oil and a pinch of salt). I like this recipe (scroll to Marinated Chanterelles), experiment with your favorite herbs. That reminds me, add another RH seeded baguette to the shoppping list and a pint of cream (the chanterelles best friend). Got a favorite recipe for chanterelles?

Friday, July 8, 2011

Over the Gap

Today was a beautiful summer day. We couldn't help ourselves from dropping everything, tossing the canoe on the truck and driving west. We were off to Vergennes with plans to paddle down the Otter Creek and out to the main lake, a favorite adventure. However, pulling into Bristol village we made another quick last minute change, turning right on North Street to Monkton Road and taking the public access to Bristol Pond (Lake Winona). A quiet little body of water laid out at the base of the Hogback Mountains.

It was a very good choice.

We paddled in and out of Red-winged Blackbirds, King Fishers, Swallows, a rather shy beaver, lily pads filled with yellow and white, wild roses, and a lone GBH (great blue heron). While sunfish scattered about the boat the small mouth bass gave us a splashy show. But the most exciting episode of the day was sharing the pond with this bald eagle. See him perched on the branch of that dead tree? He wasn't about to let us get very close and my little point and shoot has a pretty limited zoom, but he's grand isn't he?

We have driven over the Appalachian Gap so many times and never stop to take in the the view, except today.

Isn't it fun to change your mind and direction, just because?

Monday, July 4, 2011

Hip Hip Hooray

For the Warren 4th of July Parade.

Proud Locals.