Tuesday, December 6, 2011

What's in Your Shed

Do you have one of these?

Or maybe, one of these?

How about one of these?

And if you have one these,

you have scads of them. 

We've garnered bins of junk treasures since becoming owners of a "This Old House". Beware, they breed and become impossible to part with. Because... you just never know. 

I wonder if our treasure shed will ever look like this.

Proud isn't she?


  1. Hey thanks I was looking for that stuff.. : )

  2. I see Dickie's long lost pole basket in the upper right of the first pic! You have two weeks to find it and some ski with us!

  3. Dang, not til January? Oh well...

  4. I think your shed looks just fine the way she is....

  5. I love the shed, don't get me wrong and all those bins of treasures... well they bring a kind of comfort. Problem is when you're on a mission to find a specific item you can get lost in the land of... hey, I remember this, or wow, this would be perfect for..., now what was it I was looking for?
    If it doesn't start snowing in these hills, it's going to be a long winter. These bins might end up getting organized.


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