Friday, January 20, 2012

Mail's Here.

How do I know?

I hear our mailman singing his heart out as he drives up and drops the mail into our roadside box... that's how. 

Jayson (our mailman) is lead singer and upright bass player in one of our favorite local bands, the Mad Mountain Scramblers. Envious? You should be. He has a voice; that classic, high lonesome sound, true to bluegrass vocals. Sounds like the title of a song... My Mailman Sings and Plays String Bass in a Bluegrass Country Band.

Living in a small town, knowing who takes care of what needs taking care of and knowing a little bit more of who they are... makes it shine.

Mad Mountain Scramblers

I've got mail, take a listen.


  1. I saw Jayson the other day and mentioned your blog to him. He didn't even know he was a star in the valley constellation. It made him smile. I think he'll ask you about it.

    1. Thank you, Jen. It always makes me smile big when I hear the mail has arrived. :)


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