Monday, August 13, 2012

Bee Cool!

All it takes is a little help from the hive.

The neighbors have taken quite an interest in our pond this summer. It's been fun sitting at the waters edge watching them fly in and out and in and out and back again for endless trips and sips. And so far only one grandchild has suffered a misstep... ouch(sorry about that, Veda)! I know first hand this is some of the finest spring water on the planet, but these girls guzzle with unquenchable gusto. My best friend is certain their activity goes beyond thirst and reminds me "they are the worker bees". He may be content with theorizing, but me, I need want answers. Someone out there in cyber land must know what they're up to.

I thought so.

Thanks to Richard Underhill and his The Peace Bee Farmer blog I've leaned another cool fact about bees. They are taking our pond water and Cooling the Bee Hive.

Amazing what happens when the whole community participates.


  1. Honey bees are so cool... thanks

  2. Yea! What a nice surprise. Just what I needed today. :-)

  3. Got some new honey for you guys. Super light. Will try to drop it off before this weekend's canoe expedition to Maine!

    1. WOOHOO! You've made my day, JJ.
      Have a fun paddling adventure.


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