Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Oh The Places You'll Go

I'll follow you.

If you follow me.

The neighbors all warm and cozy under a fresh blanket of snow

must be snickering as he assures me, "Think light happy thoughts".

Hey love, turn around would ya.

A little to the right... no, my right you goof ball.

Now don't move, I'll be right there.

It's a beautiful morning, we hope you find a moment to enjoy what surrounds you.


  1. This makes me jealous! I'm loving all the snow we're getting, but wish I had my own cross country skis.

    Any recommendations on where to go in the Valley? Not sure which place to try first.

    1. Lisa, Ole's may be the only touring center open at this time. I would give them a call, http://www.olesxc.com/
      Have fun!

  2. I live in mad river too its a wonderland


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