Friday, June 10, 2011

Feeling Right At Home

If you've visited this blog before you probably gather we have a darn cozy relationship with this tiny part of Vermont. How we cherish the quality of the life style we are able to sustain here and revel in the landscape, people and activities we find pleasure in. A community so worthy of calling home.

We are celebrating a very special wedding anniversary and are on an adventure exploring and playing on the island of Eleuthera, in the Bahamas. A quiet, rural, safe, friendly and simply gorgeous (sound familiar) spit of land in the Atlantic. We happened across this little jewel 15 years ago when close friends from the Valley shared their pleasures of spending time here and so we return again and again. In fun we call it our Valley in the tropics. We will be home soon and happy about that, though it does feel like coming home here to Eleuthera, too.

Good Morning Eleuthera

Catch of the day, lucky me!

Hankering for a mango.

Got a little lime? All we need is....
We seldom leave Vermont without taking a little with us: Easty's maple syrup, Red Hen's Mad River Grain bread, Butterwork's Farm oats,  Vermont Coffee Company's mild blend. I know, we're spoiled, that's what Vermont does.

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