Sunday, June 5, 2011

Crossing Paths

With My Neighbors.

Spring and Summer mornings often begin with a walk up the hillside. We are fortunate to have back door access to a spider web network of trails that meander through hundreds of acres in a rich Northern Hardwood Forest. Walks can last moments or hours, pending time, weather, mood or energy level. Every day is unique. I am a counter and often assess my walks by the number of special and interesting sightings. My last walk was a 13 Red Eft morning, a good morning. These tiny, vibrant orange, creatures thrill me. I encourage you to get to know them, they are quite special.

And on an even better day, just moments upon returning to the back door, I add another critter to my list.

Hello, Snapping Turtle

I have perfectly lovely neighbors, how about you?


  1. Are there snapping Turtles in the Mad River???

  2. I suppose that's a possibility. I have lived in the valley 32 years and this is only the second snapper I've seen, neither in the river. Here is a link with more information about their behavior.
    Apparently they are very shy when in their water habitat. The only creatures I have ever encountered in the Mad are trout, an occasional duck and friendly humans.


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