Friday, July 15, 2011

I'm Late, I'm late...

Didn't mean to keep you waiting, I've been off in the woods on a hunt. Rugged is the mighty wild shroom hunter battling black flies, mosquitos, pesky deer flies and those sneaky slimy slugs (eeew), how brave. Not too worse for wear and just a little sweaty and dirty (ha!) we emerge from the forest with baskets full (how come my best friend's is always more full than mine?) of chanterelles.

Now what? 

Marinate them and serve with toasted slices (crostini) of a Red Hen seeded baguette (use a little olive oil and a pinch of salt). I like this recipe (scroll to Marinated Chanterelles), experiment with your favorite herbs. That reminds me, add another RH seeded baguette to the shoppping list and a pint of cream (the chanterelles best friend). Got a favorite recipe for chanterelles?

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