Thursday, April 26, 2012

Daycation to The Gulf in Search of the Wild Ramp

The Granville Gulf, not the "Gulf of Mexico" with its warm sandy beaches (having fun Skip and Tina?), though it does showcase a very splendid waterfall, Moss Glen Falls.

And wait till you see what I hope to discover. My expectations are high. So... with shovel, garden fork, a basket and most importantly, my best friend, we're off on another hunt.


This, my friends, is one humungous hillside patch (acres and acres) of wild ramps.

With a few digs and shakes we have plenty for supper. No need to be greedy in case we don't favor the flavor. Our first ramp harvest is a success. 

And another first... a Wild Ramp risotto in the making.

Time for dinner now, let's go eat. 

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