Sunday, May 20, 2012

Out of the Corner of My Eye

Today is day three in a row of glorious sunshine. We took the morning and peddled down through the Granville Gulf. The side of the road from the seat of a bike is littered with eye catching treasures.

Keep your eyes peeled!

Happy to see the Brookies weathered the flood waters.


A most curious encounter was this fluttering party of Tiger Swallowtails. Not sure what they were up to.

A little mineral rich drink of Vermont's pure mountain water, perhaps?

What caught your eye today?


  1. Hi Gammy, I love your pictures. Especially the butterflies.

    Love Veda.

    1. The butterflies flew all around us as we biked today. I loved their company.

  2. Gammy, your pictures are so cool and I like the duck pictures!


    1. At first the baby goslings were scared and ran up the bank to hide from us. It was only a few moments later they became quite curious and wanted to know what we were up to... such brave little birds.


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