Friday, February 25, 2011

The Perfect Shovel

Some days little things mean a lot.

We just got hit with another snow storm (whoopee). And as soon as I find the shovel the sooner we can get out and play...just as soon as I find the shovel.

I'm at the hardware store and have found a shiny red plastic grain shovel (yes, my favorite color). I take it to the checkout counter where Ed greets me (he has a great smile) and we share our usual banter of niceties. He scans the shovel and just before pressing the sale button politely asks, "So Deb, what are your plans for this shovel?"

"Shoveling snow Ed, you know the stuff burying my front steps, my car, the path to the bird feeders and uh, my other shovel."

"Deb, you sure you want a plastic shovel?"

"Of course, it's much lighter than a metal shovel" (I've been informed).

He pauses and then quietly says, "Deb, go get the metal shovel, it's not much heavier, it won't shatter when the temperatures are below zero and it's only $2.00 more".

I have a shovel to be proud of, even if it's not red.

 Who's looking out for you?

Edwin has lived in the Mad River Valley for over 50 years, yet just recently relocated east to the other side of the mountain. I will miss seeing him on his daily walk to work, but we can still find him at Bisbee's giving away smiles and home improvement advice. Oh yeah, a little coating of silicone will prevent that shovel from icing up and the snow will fly out of it slicker than..... Well, you know.

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