Saturday, February 12, 2011

Running on Empty

There's a batch of my favorite pancake batter waiting for the griddle to sizzle. I grab the syrup bottle from the fridge to pop in the microwave and notice only a dribble left in the bottom. Off to the cellar to fill it up from the everlasting jug.........the empty, everlasting jug. This is not good.

Oh wait! It's Saturday, I've a hunch the maple wagon is in town.
Back in 5.

 Good morning, Mr Long, am I happy to see you.

One everlasting jug of your special grade B, please.

We really like pancakes. I make my own blend of whole grains for the mix (say goodbye to the Dough Boy). Whole grains add tenderness and great flavor to pancakes along with all the good for you benefits. Maple syrup, well that just adds pure godliness goodness.
Excuse me, it's time for breakfast.

Got Syrup? Better check, and if your jug is empty you'll find Eastman Long during the winter at his mobile shop on the JCT of RT 100 & 17, weekends and holiday weeks. Come the warmer months he is a regular vendor at the Waitsfield Farmers' Market. Ask him for the taste test. I vote for Grade B.

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