Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Speedy Delivery

There's a brief window of time mid-winter, after a stretch of deep cold and a decent snowpack, the river offers up a lovely avenue to town. Looks like the window is open and you know what that means.....

The mail must get through

And the consensus?

It's a speedy delivery

Forward office phone to cell phone, pen and pad in the pack and ....... just whistle while you work.


  1. So, trekking across frozen rivers can be a leap of faith. Obviously one should never attempt this alone, as I did behind my house yesterday, over heaping mounds of snow that surly was safe, only to sink thigh-high into a weak spot.
    Still, I dream of skiing the Mad one of these days.....

  2. I never ski the river alone and always have my best friend in front. :)


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