Sunday, March 20, 2011

Beautiful Marvelous Mud

Drivers beware: do you really want to go there?

Photo credit: Craig Goss

Cruising down the back roads in the Valley can be a country girl's dream. Until... this dreaded time of year that has us swallowed up wheel well deep in muck, Mud season. Traveling the unruly rural mud-ways often reminds me of the fairytaleThe Three Billy Goats Gruff. Hiding under that vehicle sucking mess awaits the nasty little troll and, as we white knuckle navigate our cars through the challenging river of sludge, he yanks and shoves and rudely hurls unfair and nerve rattling threats. 
Listen not to the meanie, and by all means, never ever stop the car! Remember the story, how each little Billy goat talked his way over the bridge with tales of a bigger tastier goat on the way? Drive on, maintain your speed, ride the ruts high and let that muddy little demon know there's a Humvee right behind you and he shouldn't spoil his appetite.

Beautiful, marvelous, marvelous mud!

This is one time of the year I don't lament living down the idyllic Vermont country lane.

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