Saturday, March 5, 2011

Seek and Ye Shall Find

Somewhere in the Valley, on this late winter day, a tomato is waiting to happen.

We had the freshest lunch in town today, right here in our very own kitchen. Down the street in greenhouses surrounding the Kingsbury Market Garden Farm Suzanne and Aaron are raising these amazing little salad greens. Imagine eating a salad so vibrant you'd swear it was still growing as you gobble it down... we just did. And if you really want the perfect meal grab one or two of their fresh made pizza shells, add a little homemade marinara sauce and your favorite extra sharp cheddar, perfect company along side these fresh baby leaves.

Now, about that tomato...

Aren't they adorable? Wanna see something else sweet?

Tonions: a ton of tiny onions. :) Makes me want to get my hands dirty.


  1. I love those Kingsbury salad greens. They have spinach again, too!

  2. We'll be strong to the finish if we just eats our spinach! True power food.

  3. Come to the market in Ortigia, fresh tomatoes are waiting!

  4. Be still my heart, I'll be right over. Just a soon as we finish digging out from yet another snow storm (27"). Looking forward to warming up over your photos.


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