Friday, March 25, 2011

Run Sap Run

Here it comes.

Clouds of maple steam drift over the Valley. It's early spring, cold nights and warm days have sugar makers firing up their evaporators. Do yourself a maple flavor favor, step inside a boiling sugarhouse and breathe the dense, sweet aroma deep down in your belly, a sort of maple inhalation therapy.

Wednesday was early release day for the district schools. G & P (Gammy and Popi) made the rounds, scooped up the grandkids, and set off in search of the bubbling sap. Not a burning arch to be found, but that didn't stop us from delighting in the ritual sugar shack snack. What better sweet treat to share with a bundle of 4-10 year olds than taffy thick syrup drizzled over a bowl of fresh snow, complete with traditional sides of yeast raised donuts and dill pickles? S'mores are still number one on my list and that may be the result of having used grade B syrup for this confection. My advice: go for the gold, liquid gold, Vermont Fancy.

Our first taste of sugar on snow.

It's a maple party! Syrup here, syrup there, maple threads swirled in our hair.

Last weekend was the 10th annual Vermont Maple Syrup Open House and many sugarhouses continue the hospitality throughout the season. Go on, it's fat free.

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