Saturday, May 14, 2011

We're Stepping Out

Now and then we have reason to venture outside of the valley and today two of our grandkids, Janie and Oliver, are along for the ride. It's our annual trek to Randolph Center to visit Louie Warlick of Peak Pond Farm. Louie is a Vermont trout farmer, one of a handfull licensed in the state. He specializes in raising native Brook and Rainbow trout and our pond is Brook trout empty.

Here we are, a picture perfect hillside dotted with a seemingly endless series of cascading, ice cold, fresh water ponds filled with caged boxes and pipes directing water here and there (watch your step). Little fish, not so little fish and even bigger fish are everywhere.

I love this place.

Into the trout greenhouse, the hub of operations. Not to worry, the electric current is off while we poke around the nursery. Simply fascinating.

These little ones are already spoken for, Louie has some 6 - 8 inchers in an outside pond we can purchase.

A dozen Brookies to go, please. With a shot of oxygen injected into the bag along with the fish and water, they are ready for the journey over the mountain.

Coming down off Roxbury Gap: the Valley looks pretty swell from here. 

Back at the pond and all twelve have survived the adventure, yeah! Popi gives them a welcoming toss into their new home. Head to the bottom little fish, where it's nice and cold.

Janie and Oliver are certain they will like the neighbors, wouldn't you?

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