Saturday, May 28, 2011

No Ordinary Kiss

Is This Rhubarb Love?

When we moved into our home 24 years ago there was a rhubarb patch (20' x 4') bigger than anyone could ever need. I didn't get it, what was it about rhubarb that enticed so many pies, jams and stewed stringy pots of slop compote. Over the years we scaled the patch down to a manageable 4' x 4' plot. Granted it is the first harvestable vegetable fruit in the garden and one of the first green shoots to make a showing after our long (extremely long) and snowy winters. Agreeably, that is of measurable value in these parts. But come on, the only way it's really palatable is to add it's weight (almost) in white sugar. And more often than not, combining it with another fruit like strawberries to help it along.

2011 produced record breaking snow. Many of us were certain it would be June before the ground was visible. However, weeks before the last of the snow had vanished the rhubarb patch had busted out and by the middle of May was ready for cutting. Out of the oven came the pie and crisp. Okay, it does have a pretty pink glow and with enough added sugar to curb the tartness it's quite nice with a side of vanilla ice cream (yes, more sugar).

Then I received an email from my best friend. He'd heard a segment of the NPR show The Splendid Table and was intrigued by a recipe for Rhubarbaritas by Katherine Whiteside and forwarded me the link. Rhubarb and tequila... now I'm interested. It calls for making rhubarb simple syrup, which I did (truly simple). It's beautiful, soft petal pink, knock your socks off bright and simply sweet. This clearly brings rhubarb to a new level. Take a look; better yet, take a sip. I promise you'll like it, even you, Lauren. :)

So have at it: rhubarb-ade (share it with the little ones), pink mojitos or you can try our new favorite late spring cocktail. Tall glass, shot of rhubarb simple syrup, shot of vodka (or the bf's favorite, white rum), juice of half a lime, fill with ice and top off with seltzer water... a Rhubarb Kiss. Is it 5 o'clock? I'd like a kiss please.

My rhubarb patch is picked clean. I get it now.


  1. My mouth just waters (and squinches a little) when reading this! We truly have fallen in love with this new sweet treat. Veda and Georgia get such a kick of making their own "grown up" drinks like us by adding just the pink goods and the seltzer. I can't believe we're been living without this for all these years...

  2. Funny thing, now I can't get enough rhubarb. After making the simple syrup you are left with a pile of sweet pink rhubarb mash, just lovely with a bowl of plain greek yogurt. Looks like we may expand the rhubarb patch. HA!

  3. It sounds as though I'll just have to try one of those rhubarbaritas. You make them look and sound good, and I wouldn't have to deal with the texture issue!

  4. Sounds like a perfect excuse for a MB ride, bocce ball and rhubarbaritas... all on a summer night.


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