Saturday, September 17, 2011

In Need Of A Coastal Fix?

It's true what we they say about Vermont and more specifically our valley, that it's a place unlike anywhere in the world overflowing with natural beauty and a community rich in character and heart. We do, however, lack one, itty, bitty, tiny, little thing... a coastline to call our own.

In only a few hours and a handful of miles driving southeast, we happily find ourselves enriched in sand and surf. And if by chance you're on Cape Cod near High Head Beach take a little stroll at low tide and frolic in the surf (not too close now, you can't afford the fine) with these interesting creatures.

Head straight to the ocean and take a right at the shoreline.

Yep, that's one big stinky amazing pile of gray seals

Keeping watch.

And watching over.

I wonder if Cape Codders tout about their "one of kind" place too. 
They should.

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