Wednesday, September 7, 2011

The Sun Comes Up...

And The Sun Goes Down

Life moves forward (or sideways) even when Mother Nature changes the scope of our surroundings. Before Irene busted in to our region we were in the midst of planning and preparing for our daughter's wedding, a classic Vermont diy (thank goodness for friends, family and neighbors) affair. Irene didn't stop the arrival of new life (so happy for you Kristen & Lauren) or the passing of loved ones, and dang if my daughter was going to let it stop her from getting married. And am I ever happy about that!

Here comes the bride.

Are you ready sweets?


  1. Ready as I'll ever be! It's going to be an amazing day. Much thanks to you and dad.

    Love You.


  2. Hey Dickie,

    Are you getting nervous yet?

  3. Bring on the Sunshine.... congratulations to everyone. Friday nights venue looks AWESOME. Have a lovely time with your family and friends. Can't wait to see pictures....


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