Friday, January 28, 2011

Meet the "Great Eddy"

Have you seen this bird? The rumors are true, this eagle has landed and right in my very own back yard. The Mad Birders of the MRV have posted terrific photos of an immature Bald Eagle seen playing in the valley. Evidently he spent a few days perched around Waitsfield Village, roosting in trees above the "great eddy" section of the river. Hence his name, Great Eddy.

That is the great eddy you see in the header photo of this blog. As a matter of fact, both pictures (header picture and Great Eddy's picture) were taken, same day, same place. There I was down by the river clicking pretty pictures of my village and river while Craig and Jeannie are on the other side, exuberantly (I imagine) snapping photos of the momentous occurrence. Eagles have come home to Vermont. And I did I even have a clue?  Handsome isn't he?

Photo credit: Craig Goss


  1. I heard about this guy. Was feasting on a deer...
    How I wish I've seen him.

  2. Lucky bird, I haven't had my fill of venison this year. My eyes are peeled in anticipation of a sighting.

  3. Exciting to think we may be looking at one of the first native vermont bald eagles seen in our lifetimes.


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