Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Winter's Cache

This past gardening season awarded us armfuls of vegetables we cached away for winter. Into the freezer went blueberries, blackberries tomatoes and beans (and more beans). Into jars went salsas, marinara sauce, more tomatoes, jams, relish, and hot pickled peppers (smoldering hot). Into baskets went garlic, onions, and winter squashes. All of these nicely tucked in the nooks and crannies of our stone cellar underneath the house. And for the past three and half months we have dined happily on them all. Except, for the squashes we so carefully stashed I forgot all about them until yesterday. Down into the cellar I go and hidden way, way back under the stairs (where no light ever shines), I reach into that basket and (please, don't be a pile of moldy, mushy, slop) sweet surprise, I grab hold of a perfectly happy acorn squash.

And it was good enough to eat. ( actually, better than good)

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