Sunday, November 27, 2011

Maybe Just Maybe

Winter isn't really (not officially) here yet and already I yearn for my garden. More than anything I miss the fresh herbs. I am making Asian meatballs and I need a cup of chopped "fresh" cilantro. I love cilantro!

Maybe, just maybe, the bunch that sprouted late in the summer and I hadn't the heart to till under....

Woo Hoo!

The kitchen is screaming with an earthy green pungent aroma (incredible). Now add to that cup of (picked moments ago) chopped cilantro; Gaylord ground beef, Kenyon eggs, Red Hen bread crumbs, vonTrapp milk and a few assorted ingredients from across the globe Mehuron's and you'll have a tray full of good little soldiers, just like these.

Toss in the oven and in 15 minutes we're off to share them 'round a table filled with dear old friends and their culinary treasures. It's a spur of the moment Sunday evening potluck, a common, yet often extraordinary gastronomical affair in the Mad River Valley. 

What would you bring?


  1. Awesome!! I love surprises from out in the garden... especially dug from beneath the snow.

  2. Other gardens from near by shared salad greens and more for dinner tonight. Imagine the bounty a hoop house over a garden bed would provide on each end of our growing season. A project worth investigating next spring, I think.


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