Monday, November 7, 2011

Three Blind Mice ~ See How They Run

First there was one ~
Two nights ago we were watching TV in the living room when a little grey mouse slips out from a crack in the stairway runs back and forth across a stair before returning whence he came. So fast and quiet we questioned whether we saw what we saw.

Then there were two ~
Last evening we were enjoying a movie, again in the living room, and two little grey mice slip out from underneath the closed stairway door, scamper across the living room floor, around the entertainment cabinet and back again. No question we saw the brazen little fur balls.

No, they weren't blind and I did not cut off their tails with a carving that for the farmer's wife. However, my best friend did set the traps immediately and emptied them this morning.

And then one more ~
We replaced the battery in our station wagon today. A joint effort, as are most projects we tackle around here. And there underneath the hood of my car is a little grey mouse curled up in the hoses for a long, long (and then some) winter's nap. Sweet dreams little mousey.

Did you ever see such a sight in your life?

Topo Gigio, the only little rodent I tolerate.

The field mice are raising a ruckus in my house and vehicles. Well guys, the party's over!


  1. A "puss" (without the boots) does the job!! Mice become scarce in a home with cats!

  2. I only wish they "ate the whole thing". I have unpleasant memories of stepping barefoot out the back door and landing on the treasures left by Wylie Bob (still miss you, Bob).


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