Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Never Far From Home

It's uncanny when away from the Mad River Valley we often cross the paths of friends and neighbors from home. While having dinner out with my family last evening, at Owen's Fish Camp in the historic Burn's Court district of downtown Sarasota (Florida), a pretty women walks in and I think to myself, gosh she looks familiar. Not knowing her I assume she just reminds me of someone I know. It isn't 5 minutes later she approaches us (my sister in-law and me) and asks, "Are you girls (how thoughtful) from Vermont?" Karla Bove introduces herself, her daughter and her friend Dana (whom I immediately recognize). I had not met Karla before and find out she is an artist with a studio on Bridge St just minutes from my doorstep back home in the valley.

Not Just Black Boards is a treasure trove of colorful hand painted decorative blackboards Karla creates for home and business.  True to the name, she paints not just blackboards.

I like this one.

And really like this one.

Our valley villages all total approximately 6000 faces. Not all well known to each other, but most certainly familiar. Next time you're out in the world and you think you recognize a face, go ahead ask them, "Are you from Vermont?" 
Chances are...

familiar in Sarasota


  1. Click your heels together three times and say.....

    " There's no place like home "

  2. I always look forward to rolling back into the valley.


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