Sunday, November 13, 2011

Time to Hit The Road

It is deer rifle season in Vermont for the next two weeks. I grumble and fuss about giving up my woods to the hunter and gun, but I do. I walk instead on the Valley's scenic back roads for the time being.
This morning was too pretty to find excuses not to get outside. I'm used to being alone on my walks, aside from the occasional squirrel, chipmunk, bird and sometimes company of my best friend, but the beautiful country byways here are quite popular. On my walk today I pass a young woman and her little dog, a couple of bikers, an elderly gentleman with his mature dog out strolling, another young woman and her really big dog, and a very, very happy couple (walking on air).  Everyone smiles and offers good morning greetings. And most everyone in cars that pass give a wave and a smile, including a truck full of camo clad hunters heading off to my the woods. I smile and wave back.

Beware of the wild beast on the way home.

So my grumbly, fussy walk turned into a, feeling pretty good about this friendly place I live, outing. I hope you get outside today and that you feel good, too.


  1. What a beautiful place you live in!

  2. Just one tiny little place on this planet, it makes my heart sing.


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